7 Struggles Every Job Seeker Can Relate To

Posted by | September 16, 2017 | Graduates Article

Being jobless is one stage of life everyone goes through, it is always filled with frustrations,long length prayers and a lot of tarmacking visiting potential employers and dropping hundreds of applications and never getting job interviews .Every job seeker has had almost similar struggles when searching for a first job.

1. Fresh graduates’ mindset

Fresh college and university graduates always have the idea that they are the most viable candidates for jobs,this is understandable considering they have just achieved certificates that brings them a step closer to their dream jobs however to their surprise they are shocked to realize that there are other graduates that are also competing for the same positions as they are, some with even more experience and academic qualifications than them.

2. Applying for Jobs that do not fit description

After a futile job search there comes a time that we result to plan B; applying for jobs that they do not fit the description. After searching for dream jobs, one is hit by the reality of scarcity of jobs and therefore you apply for any entry level jobs that comes your way, this is where most people land their first jobs

3. Regular Cyber visits

Every job seeker knows that a cyber is their workplace ,they will always visit there to check the latest jobs on recruitment sites  and even on company websites .Cyber is also the place you make bulk copies of your academic certificates and CVs at a fair cost as you proceed to dropping your  application papers to potential employers.

4. Completing an Application

Some jobs have lengthy processes of application, even if it’s an internship, you have to register to their career portal and key in details that takes almost haalf an hour, but after finally completing the process, you cannot afford keeping your phone away just in case you get shortlisted and end up missing the historical interview invitation phone call.

5. Getting an interview Appointment

This is always a game changer, every phone call that is from a strange number is always received with a lot of hopes and high spirits, luckily one of the phone call turns out to be an interview invitations and immediately wild thoughts start streaming your minds on how the job will change your mind, this is a huge breakthrough in your job search.

6. The interview Day

A first interview is always an eye opener since you have no prior experience of how an interview goes through, most people are scared of how they will present themselves or even get scared in the waiting room due to the many number of sharply dressed candidates who are also being interviewed for the same position, it’s even scary to hear people say that its someone in the organization who told them to apply for the same job. No matter the circumstance the way you present yourself determines if you impress the interviewers.

7. The Job Offer

This is what changes your life, after weeks and months of tarmacking you finally land a job that pays fairly well and now you are over the moon, you have a wardrobe change, move to a new apartment and even give your parents a piece of mind since you do not borrow them money.

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