The 5 Best Ways To Prepare For An Interview

Posted by | September 19, 2017 | Graduates Article

Just like anyone who has been looking or a job, you know better that to succeed in your job search, you need to improve your interview skills.

Better still, you need to know how to prepare for an interview

Practice makes perfect and the more you practice the better you will get at it.

I spoke to Ms. Lucy Mutungi, a Professional Interview Coach and she had this to say about how to prepare for any interview.

1. Consider an interview part you are not good at

What is that interview part that has always given you the chills? May be it the “Tell me about yourself” section or “What are your weaknesses?”

Whatever it is, there is always that part that you know has always failed you at any interview. Work on improving that. Go online and look for the answers to the common interview questions or ways to improve on your interview skills.

2. Make a list of your questions

When preparing for an interview, make a list of the common interview questions that you might be asked starting with “Tell us about yourself” to “Do you have any questions for us?”

About eight questions will do but the more you have to practice on the better.

Practice on how to answer these questions with confidence and prepare possible answers.

3. Conduct a mock interview

The best way to prepare for an interview, is to conduct a mock one on yourself. Choose someone you can trust and whose opinion you respect even if it’s something you would hate to hear

This could be a colleague, a friend, a relative or even a mentor. Someone who has experience in interviews, would be a better option though.

In case you don’t find someone to practice with, you could always DIY through your camera phone. It won’t be an easy thing to do but it will be something.

4. Consider the kind of interview you are attending

Chances are, interviews will always inform you ahead of time on the kind of an interview you will be attending.

Whether a phone, skype or a one on one interview.

The reason you need to think about the setting is to know what kind of preparation you are do and what you need.

Read more here on top 9 ways you can ace that skype interview.

5. Rate your self

Practicing thoroughly is the best way to get it right with interviews. After you have conducted your mock interview, rehearsed all the interview questions and answers, now you need to gauge your performance.

If you were the interviewer, how convincing would you say you would be? If you recorded yourself on a video camera, watch it again and see what you can improve.

If you have a friend taking you through the interview, ask them to give you an honest feedback and guide you on what you can improve.

Preparing for an interview should not be something that you only do when you have an interview coming up. Practicing even when you don’t have any interviewed lined up will take the pressure off when that time comes.


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