17 Apr 2018

St Ignatius College Jobs in Zambia : Director of Jesuit Ethos

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St. Ignatius College Learning for service of and God and Others Position Description VACANCY TO BE FILLED (1) Director of Jesuit Ethos

The Role

St Ignatius College, is a private non-profit Catholic day and boarding school run by the Society of Jesus and moulded in the Ignatian tradition. In 2012, the Jesuits took over the running of the school and continue today a tradition rooted in the Jesuit approach to education. The mission of the college is to, provide an all-rounded secondary education for a lifetime of service by moulding responsible leaders who are emotionally intelligent, environmentally conscious, spiritually reflective, and engaged in academic rigor by investing in learning and teaching. Students at St Ignatius College are called to embrace diversity, discover and cultivate the fullness of their talents as a responsibility and as an act of worship to God. The College is situated in Ibex Hill, Opposite the US Embassy and consists of two campuses co-located on 30 hectares of land which supports both administration and curriculum areas. Currently more than 300 students attend the College, 130 of whom are boarders. Our plan in the next campus is to build a campus of 1500 student by 2025.

1. Role purpose

The Director of Jesuit Ethos is a member of the School Leadership Team, which is inspired always by the highest Ignatian ideals of Companionship and Team. As the leader of the Ignatian Formation team, the Director of Jesuit Ethos has delegated responsibility for the consistent application of both curricular (Grade 8-12) and co-curricular Religious, Ignatian, Leadership Formation programs within the College community.

2. Reporting

As the delegated leader of the Religious and Ignatian Formation team of the College, the Director of Jesuits Ethos is responsible to the President.

3. Accountability

The Director of Jesuit Ethos will show leadership in the following areas:

3.1 Team leadership

3.1.1 To exercise effective team leadership in the development and support of Religious Education and Formation programs across all aspects of the College.

3.1.2 To ensure that the Religious Education and Formation teams are inspired by the highest of Ignatian ideals.

3.1.3 To collaborate with relevant colleagues in the School Leadership Team regarding the development and implementation of a yearly Religious Formation Plan.

3.1.4 To ensure that College Liturgies, Retreats, Service programs, Immersions, Staff and Parent formation programs and other programs, Young People for Other Camps (YPO) and insignis are appropriately designed to meet the particular needs of the targeted groups, focused on appropriate themes and in line with College Mission.

3.1.5 To ensure that all Religious Formation Programs are explicitly linked and sound in Catholic theology and Ignatian ideals.

3.2 Religious formation

3.2.1 To work in collaboration with the Chaplain, Ignatian Coordinator, School Liturgy Co-ordinator, Faith in Service and Retreat Co-ordinator, and Spiritual Director to ensure that curricular (G8-12) and co-curricular religious formation programs are given the highest priority by staff, students and their families.

3.2.2 To work collaboratively with the Principal, the Chaplain to ensure that the Religious Formation programs in the school are appropriate to the targeted group, in line with sound Catholic theology and Ignatian values.

3.2.3 To work collaboratively with the Jesuit schools in the ongoing development of the Ignatian Network.

3.2.4 To liaise regularly with the Principal and Admin and HR Officer in regard to appropriate use of Ignatian pedagogy in all areas of curriculum.

3.2.5 To ensure that all staff involved with Religious Formation are effectively inducted, supported and professionally developed.

3.2.6 To ensure that the Religious Education Curriculum is linked explicitly to the other areas of Religious Formation in the College.

3.3 Spiritual development

3.3.1 To collaborate with the President for ways to assist with the spiritual development of the Executive team.

3.3.2 To ensure that the Spiritual dimension of the students’ development and their Religious Education are given appropriate attention in line with College Mission.

3.3.3 To ensure that student’s spiritual experiences enhance their development as well-balanced male members of society and church.

3.3.4 To work collaboratively with the principal and Chaplains to ensure the provision of opportunities for staff to participate in programs are focused on an understanding of and engagement with Ignatian Spirituality and are available on an ongoing basis.

3.3.5 To work with the Deputy Principal on the organisation and operation of the College student leadership program.

3.3.6 To ensure that students, staff and parents are appropriately supported in their own development and understanding of the Religious Formation programs.

3.3.7 Pastoral Care

3.3.8 To collaborate with colleagues in the School Leadership Team, particularly the Deputy Principal and the Admin & HR Officer, to contribute to the development of effective processes and procedures for Pastoral Care of staff, students, parents and other College community members

3.3.9 To work closely with the Deputy Principal on the organisation and conduct of School Assemblies, and G12 Graduation Ceremony.

3.3.10 To support the Deputy Principal and Heads of House in the delivery of Religious Formation programs.

3.3.11 To be available and accessible to staff.

3.4 Staff formation

3.4.1 To be a visible presence in staff prayer and spiritual formation programs.

3.4.2 To conduct annual reviews with all members of the Religious Formation team.

3.4.3 To ensure that all staff working specifically in Religious Formation roles are fully aware of, and responsive to, the expectations of the College Mission and the Ignatian Spirit.

3.4.4 In collaboration with the Ignatian Co-ordinator to ensure that all staff members receive an effective induction to the concepts involved in the College’s Ethos and Ignatian Mission.

3.4.5 In collaboration with the Chaplain to ensure that opportunities are provided for all staff to engage in courses, retreats and meetings to further their understanding of Ignatian Mission.

3.5 Administrative and operational leadership

3.5.1 Review policies and procedures across all areas of Religious Formation.

3.5.2 To collaborate with colleagues in the School Leadership Team in the development of the College’s approach to student leadership development and to work collaboratively with the Vice Principal for the Ignatian formation of the College student leaders.

3.5.3 In collaboration with the Vice Principal, to ensure that the Religious Formation Team contributes significantly to the development and implementation of student leadership training programs across Grade 8 to 12.

3.5.4 To ensure that the voluntary student leadership Program – the Arrupe Academy is effectively developed and conducted.

3.5.5 To ensure that all programs for Religious Formation are well-organised, effective and appropriate to targeted groups.

3.5.6 To be an active presence at Parent Information evenings communicating the programs in Religious Formation offered to students, staff, parents and alumni.

3.5.7 To ensure budget efficiency across all areas of Religious Formation.

3.6 Executive and strategic leadership

3.6.1 To work effectively as a part of the leadership team.

3.6.2 To be actively involved with the overall running and decision-making aspects of the College.

3.6.3 To collaborate with the President regarding Religious Formation of the Leadership Team.

3.6.4 To establish effective means of communication with colleagues in the School Leadership Team in regard to their ongoing understanding of all aspects of the Religious Formation Programs in the school and the pastoral and formation role of the Ignatian Centre.

3.6.5 To facilitate collaboration between Jesuit ministries as appropriate within the College.

3.6.6 To ensure communication is effective and constant.

3.6.7 To collaborate with the HR Officer to ensure staff development programs are consistent with ideals of Religious Formation of the College.

3.6.8 To work in collaboration with the Principal and the HR Officer in the appointment of staff to positions involved with Religious Formation including HOD, Teachers and Staff

3.6.9 To communicate with other groups such as the Parents and Advancement Office.

3.7 Immersions and Service program

3.7.1 To ensure that service and Immersion programs are designed and conducted in line with the specific aims of the College Immersion Program.

3.7.2 To work in collaboration with the Principal in the development of all immersion programs.

3.7.3 To ensure that all staff involved with the Immersion program are effectively inducted, supported and professionally developed.

3.7.4 To collaborate with Jesuit networks across the world in the effective development of the Immersion program

4. Length of tenure

The Director of Jesuit Ethos is appointed on contract for a period of three years renewable on the completion of a successful comprehensive Performance Appraisal during the life of the contract

5. Requirements

B.A degree in Education or any related subject. A masters will be an added advantage. Strong in values and morals. Appreciation of Ignatian Spirituality and how it influences our manner of proceeding in the school.

6. Appraisal / review conditions

The appointee to this position will be required to undergo a yearly Professional Review with the President or his nominee, and a comprehensive Performance Appraisal during the period of the appointment. The Performance Appraisal will be conducted at the request of the President by an appraisal panel chaired by a Board Member.

7. Teaching requirements

How to Apply

The Director of Religious Formation will carry a minimal teaching load as discussed with the Principal. Please apply by submitting full detailed professional and academic qualifications, including a comprehensive CV to:

The Human Resource Officer St Ignatius College P.O. Box 34114 LUSAKA.

OR Email: Submission can either be sent by email to: [email protected]

Deadline for applications: April 27,2018.

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